Why to choose LiteSpeed Web Server Hosting ?

Why to choose LiteSpeed Web Server Hosting

Since more than 12 years of hosting business i was looking for a proper server that suits every business need and after failing in many companies like GoDaddy, HostGator and Miles web I finally figured it out that LiteSpeed server hosting is the best. Even after checking all positive reviews around, you can’t judge it until you try it for yourself, as I tried for more than 3 years now but when it comes to speed parallelly hardware are equally important, Litespeed web hosting is most popular among web designers and developer because of its compatible with most Apache features.

LiteSpeed server vs Apache

LiteSpeed is way better then Apache when it comes to the performance and the implementation of HTTP/3. Litespeed web server is best for WordPress to run faster and more efficient. after all LiteSpeed web server stable release 5.4.12 | March ’21,  which is almost 11 months back but it’s clearly the winner in web servers across the software web server software.

What is LiteSpeed web server?

LiteSpeed Web Server is an Apache alternative that allows resources without sacrificing best performance, modern security and LiteSpeed Web Server is one of the best web server software. Its most popular web server, nowadays and used by 10% of websites as of July 2021. Litespeed web server is developed by LiteSpeed Technologies.

LiteSpeed Web Server was officially launched worldwide in 2007, but after so much of research and development they finally came with bang and now Litespeed web server integrated with cPanel and Plesk (which commonly used) but also compatible with DirectAdmin panels too – with use of single plugin and simple configuration it will be good to go. cPanel + LiteSpeed + Cloud Linux is the combo that is officially trusted and supported by all three respective companies.


If you are LiteSpeed user, you can use Free version of plugins for most of platforms like WordPress (preferred by almost 40% of WP users) – LSCache but not it’s also available for LSCache for Laravel, LSCache for OpenCart, LSCache for Drupal, LSCache for Presta Shop, LSCache for Joomla, LiteMage for Magento etc, which are most used in any CMS by almost every web designer or developers who has LiteSpeed web server for hosting but every one is favourite is wp rocket LiteSpeed server as such it has more features then free version of plugin by LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed Cache has dynamic content acceleration feature for every LiteSpeed server products.

As being in web development industry together most common platform every one build on is WordPress and for that LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is best FREE plugin you have ever used for getting many things aligned with click of button, it also helps you reduce your images sizes with drastically impact on your website loading speed, with help of more than 2 million active user of the plugin and most 5 star rated plugin they have ever built.

10 reasons to choose LiteSpeed web server :


Well this is why you must use free version of the cache plugin by Litespeed :

  • Server-Level Full-Page Cache – is one the best feature I loved
  • It always creates Private Cache- always creates private cache so that your original content never affected
  • Image Optimization – Slot wise image optimization that works easily – personally tried feature that works in real world scenario
  • CSS/JavaScript/HTML Minification
  • CSS/JavaScript Combination
  • Content Delivery Network Support – if you prefer CDN from a third party it always supports that too. Content Delivery Network usage speeds up your website by populating static content to visitors from the nearest location from where they are browsing from (geographically). As most among us preferred, Cloudflare is also integrated so you can simply start using the same plugin.
  • Browser Cache Support – it does not ignore browser cache support.
  • Lazy Load Images – most useful feature by any site optimiser that allows them to Load images and iframes as per required basis.
  • Database Optimization – Just click of the button and it optimise your database in just few seconds

Above list is not at the end for explaining features about LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress, but you must have got an idea of what capabilities it has.

At last, the secret to Fasted Web Server Software is revealed

LiteSpeed Cache is also Compatible with our Favourite Plugins and themes like : woo commerce, JetPack, Yoast, Google Site Map, BBpress Divi theme, Avada Theme, Ninja forms, Wordfence, ShortPixel , Autoptimize , iThemes Security Pro, BoomBox etc.

If you are Litespeed server user and the plugin does not works commonly it could be because of LSCache Module is disabled at the server level, if that is the case you need to reach out to your hosting provider to get it enabled for your or if you are the admin you can configure by yourself, this may require restart litespeed server in some cases but you can check below is command recommendation for how to restart litespeed server…

Gracefully restart (zero downtime): systemctl restart lsws or /etc/init.d/lsws restart

Litespeed technologies continues improving their Cache Engine with including POST response caching, and improved PURGE/REFRESH by individual URL also.


Well, if you are facing issues on a regular basis regarding speed of your website and server also looking for a free caching solution, then Litespeed is the answer to your problem. I May not have covered everything about Litespeed Web server, but I tried my level best to clear most of the things which may help you choose the right technology for your next web hosting requirement. I personally use a litespeed web server with cpanel as a combo and trust me works like charm and I never found any such issue other than sometimes I have to remove cache manually.

Most common mistake which I made was choosing the right server. I hope you guys will be saved if you are a CMS user and want peace of mind because if your site is down when you are in front of a client you will not get trusted by them.

Last but not least, how can I forget that you can buy Litespeed web server hosting cheapest from Getspace.co.in and enjoy local and timely support always.


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