Web solutions are the answer to your digital business needs

Web solutions are the answer to your digital business needs

Welcome to new age of online world, where everything new going on like, we have experienced pandemic in 21st century for the first time and came in to contact with unknown virus made our life stopped for a while and lock down still impacted in many countries, having said that i am thinking like when we will reach at our certain age we going to story to our grandchildren about covid19 situation and will laugh one day if we may survive in coming age.

So, talking about a mixed approach about technologies which we may use in regular life like we all need some age website or mobile app, which again requires knowledge of building websites or get it done by web solutions company like Getspace whose serving from Surat- Gujarat.

Best Web Solutions

Digital Web Solutions or web products as below are the best web solutions for your business and services. There are wide range of features, including:

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • Web Design
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Payment Gateway

If you are looking for digital web solutions then you must look for every aspect like developing a website that includes social media integration, video testimonials, and more.

Web products are a big industry. There are many web hosting companies, domain registrars, and SSL certificate providers. These businesses come in all shapes and sizes with different prices for their services. It is important to do your research before deciding on which company you want to go with because they all have unique features that would be beneficial or not beneficial to your needs.

To start a website:

First thing you need is a domain name which is a website address. A web hosting company provides space on a server so that you can upload your site files to their servers and make them available to the public. An SSL certificate is an encryption program for your website, which means it protects any personal information you may have on your site like credit card or banking information. Web security solutions are programs that protect websites from hackers who try to get into the sites and steal passwords or other sensitive data.

Which Web Hosting is Best?

I tried many web hosting companies’ solution myself but every other company differs with features and types of servers, some companies are having feature reached servers but they lake at services means you must check whether the company provides 24×7 support via email/phone, not only than check reviews online before you make payment, also check if they have any money back guarantee for 15-30 days. Based on this you can judge for selecting a web hosting company.

I will personally suggest go for Getspace one of best web hosting company I know, compare to any other company in market its bit costly if you choose their hosting plan but it come as combo which not just includes regular hosting its power packed LightSpeed Server with Pure SSD Space, Powered by cPanel (one of the best software )Free Wild card SSL, Virus Scanner, Patch man software for vulnerabilities and malware Detection service, Cloudflare for content caching in our 110+ global locations and DDoS protection, auto backup feature which allows automatic backup up to 30 days if something goes wrong you can restore (server rewind) from backup, you also gets 30 days money back guarantee with every plan you purchase.

Best Web Hosting for Beginners:

I would personally suggest going for a LightSpeed server for any small or medium business need, which will drastically change your website speed to more than 10x faster.

What is Web Designing?

Web designing means creating website with help of pages, articles and with the help of UI designing keeping SEO in mind.


For website designing many aspects must be kept in mind before starting web Layout, Images, brand Colours, Typography or fonts, Navigation or sitemap and Content is the main key.

 Websites should reflect a company or firm’s brand value and describe their product or services that gives online presence to the company. Every website should have proper contact page which allows users to get in touch easily with help of form and phone numbers, address etc. in new edge of web designing, people started using third party tools ready to go inserting single piece of code to give a website instantly reaching out on WhatsApp or bot chat for the website instant integration.

There are many tools are available in marketing to design a website. For beginners HTML, CSS and JS are basics you should use for coded websites, but nowadays WordPress is such a famous CMS that helps any newbie kick start without knowing any coding. They can build a website from scratch with help of good theme and a setoff plugin.

3 Types of Websites to Meet Your Needs:

There are many types of websites can be, but I am starting with the main 3 categories of websites currently getting built.

1) Static Websites – This type of website is great for businesses that are looking for a simple and affordable option. Static websites offer basic features such as contact information, company overviews, product details, etc. There is an option to add more pages or content later on if desired.

2) Dynamic Websites – These types of sites offer a lot more functionality than static websites with many different options available. The backend website can be changed time by time according to requirement, you should do this if you need to modify your website content, images, and products/services now and then. Dynamic websites also can be created either with coding and created from scratch or with help of CMS (content management system).

3)Ecommerce website: This type of website for selling various products and services online. In India its revolution. Every business wants to be online after experiencing a pandemic, even small and medium businesses started using third party marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart etc to list their products and start selling in just 3-5 working days.

For online shopping websites or Ecommerce platforms that need proper speed of server, LiteSpeed has also developed caching plugins for most of CMS like WordPress, OpenCart, Magento etc.

Which is the Best Payment Gateway in India ?

If you want to sell your product or services online, collect donations, sell your event or tickets, fees collection and many more can use payment gateway to collect payment through 100+ methods like UPI, Wallets, Credit Card, Debit Card, net banking. These online payment methods in India gave us all the opportunity to be part of the cashless revolution in India.

Since we all buy online from food items to furniture, book movie shows to events, pay education fees, or give donations to noble causes. If you need a free payment gateway setup, simply signup with Razorpay (India’s leading feature rich payment gateway).


Razorpay gives flexibility to collect payments even without website, you can have your web pages to collect payment online, you can create invoice and send to client to collect online payment, you can generate payment button for your blog or website / landing page  to collect payment easily, subscription option to collect recurring payments and there are lots of ready to go plugins and apps to integrate seamlessly in your website without doing any coding or more efforts. You can also create a link to collect payment from your social media if you just want to start selling from day one without any website.

Fulfil all your business banking & financial needs ends here:

Well, they said if you start your online business, you will be busy all the time with fulfilling requirements like compliance payments, tracking business expenses, bulk payments to your commission agents or suppliers/vendors, tax payments, payroll and insurance etc, but not anymore RazorpayX is here, and see your growth by look at your financial insights.

Types of Social media tools:

Social media tools are becoming increasingly popular. There are many types of social media tools in the market, some of them include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are all great for interacting with friends and family and sharing pictures or videos. There is also a tool called Snapchat which is best for communicating with people you know because it deletes everything after ten seconds so there’s no need to worry about what you say or post on this app being out there forever!

Social media tools are a great way to automate the regular posting, scheduling, and reply to customers. Most popular tools for scheduling posts in multiple media are Buffer, Hootsuite, Sendible, zoho social, Feedhive, PostoplanOcoya etc.

Most of the tools have remarkably similar features, like scheduling post to Facebook, Instagram Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My business, Tumbler, telegram etc.

Some tools also support to post your products from different ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify etc to direct social media accounts, which gives instant and better reach for your online ecommerce business, later you can also boost and advertise to reach paid also. Instead of manually posting every time you upload products on ecommerce platforms this will help you do it faster and schedule them for preferred timing. You can also customise your caption and hashtags for the same.


After going through the journey of web solutions, you must have felt that in our life it has become part and we must have used now and then. I hope my recommendation will help you decide the right web products for your business or personal need.


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