Social Media Automation is the key to success in digital Marketing

Social Media Automation is the key to success in digital Marketing

Hello Friends, we have started our journey of social media with Orkut and that was the beginning choice as social media, but that was allowing us to connect with people online and share thoughts and talk to friends in common wall, connect with your new and old friends on the internet, share pictures and stuff.

In the 21st century everything is fast, and we are living in the age of Metaverse where Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and google my business are the platforms available and to win this social media automation is key to success.

People started posting about each other, their views on wall, sharing photos and videos, short videos, reels, ideas etc., these requires lot of efforts and have to post on specific time to get the results, let says your best time to post is 6PM but you are busy with something at that point of time to overcome this issue, you should opt for social media automation tools like buffer, feed hive, postoplan,  Hootsuite and ocoya. Where you have option to instant post your posts, run ads, content creation and schedule for specific time.

Instagram Automation

We call it Instagram Superpower, it’s based on the Instagram API, 100% Approved product by Instagram itself, we all have limitations answering our DM, Comments, Stories and specially our Live session on Instagram but not anymore, Instagram Automation tool is the solution for this. Which works automatic, to checkout live in action just visit the profile: or , just comment to any image post you like in the profile or DM with desired question and see magic, or you can checkout video below to see it in action:

I am sure above video given you full idea about how the Instagram automation works, now let me tell you more about the features it covers:

Can we reply to all comments using Instagram automation?

Yes, you can auto Reply all comments on the post via DM.

Can we reply direct message using Instagram Automation?

you can auto reply via DM with a welcome message or targeted keyword reply.

How to auto reply Story mentioned in Instagram?

Just use Instagram Automation to reply Story mention via DM.

What is Social Media Management Tool?

Social media management tool means it allows you to manage multiple social media accounts in one platform that allows you to save a lot of time and energy.

8 Best Social Media Automation Tools You must know:


Creator Studio :

Everyone’s favourite and from the vendor themselves, made the best tool but limited for Facebook and Instagram only, but it supports all possible ways to schedule your post, videos, carousels etc.


Hootsuite has a calendar view to schedule and review posts in calendar format, and also has the facility to reply to all conversations from one interface for many social media channels. You can also reply to comments made or thread in different social media from 1 place. They do have a FREE plan with just 2 accounts and for more you need to buy a Paid plan with many add-on features according to the plan you select.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot support more social media including google my business and Pinterest too, you can also do ads from the panel directly for Facebook, you also get analytics and reporting from the same panel, its very good one for agency who have many customers to managed.


Buffer is one of the oldest and best tools I have ever used, has very best feature in free plan also allow you to add 3 channel and can schedule up to 10 post which is more than sufficient for regular user, but in paid you get more accounts/channel and schedule facility up to 2000 post , plus Analytics tool, Engagement tool and landing page builder which is recently launched by Buffer.


Sendible is Facebook and Instagram partner company, which also have almost similar features like we discussed for other platform, major benefits are it has more integration than any other platforms in market and trust by more than 30k digital marketers.


Feed hive is a very new product but has superb features and recently updated with Instagram multi-image posting support also, that allows users to schedule carousel images posting on Instagram now and now you can schedule the video as well… I strongly suggest you go for FeedHive and save a lot of money compared to other paid tools. They have also introduced an Approval workflow which allows Specify which team members need to approve a post before going live.


Postoplan also a new product to autopilot your social media but it has unique features like you can post on telegram, WhatsApp group post (now not supported), post on WordPress, slack, Google My Business, other than regular platforms. You can get a 10% flat discount using my coupon: getspace for any paid plan.


It’s my favorite as it has Jarvis (Travis AI) integrated for writing content easily for your social media post or blog, which will allow you to do social media management in very efficient method, not only that but it has many other features like you can design your content within the ocoya like images, GIF (powered by GIPHY), most important you can remove the background in 1 click from any image, you can import content from your favorite cloud, upload from your computer and use them for your post.

You can auto shorten all links by just 1 click (Powered by, perfect for digital marketing agency or social media marketers.

Best Graphic Designing Tools

One of the best online Graphic designing tools is Canva but for offline there are many options you may use Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

For social media most popular tool is still Canva only because it has many ready to use templates that allows newbies to advance user to get started very faster, you can extract many outputs as well from jpg, png, pdf or mp4 for video as well, you can also make GIF animated in very fast manner.

Canva is also available in various platforms as applications like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.


For social media marketer or digital marketing agencies the above tools will be very much helpful. From beginners to pro level agencies can use them for best output and automation. You can check my other article about Web solutions to learn more about web products.


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